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Our love for the beauty of nature, farming, cattle and wildlife, has driven us to identify a sustainable farming model which respects our natural resources and values.

The Wagyu breed of beef cattle originated in Japan and has recently gained international popularity for its high grade of marbling and superb eating quality for a niche market with premium prices.  The marbling contains a much higher oleic acid than beef of other breeds.  With the softer unsaturated fat and finer meat texture, it is healthier and juicier. Incorporating the Certified Wagyu Beef (CWB) program for quality assurance and traceability in our breeding strategy, the consumer will be guaranteed the quality of the product.

Our fullblood Wagyu herd started in 2018 with 75 surrogates pregnant with full blood black Wagyu embryo's, sired by Itoshigenami, Haruki 2, Yasufuku, Shigeshigetani, Itomich 1/2, and the like.  We also have a Wagyu footprint in South Africa, consisting 47 full blood wagyu and 32 surrogates.

King Wagyu is committed to play a strategic role in supplying top genetic material and superior Wagyu beef to the local and international market.

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