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As a stud breeder, we want to develop in our herd to its optimal potential.  We regard a long term and well defined breeding strategy necessary to develop specific genetic traits in our herd. 

In selecting our herd, we firstly consider the breed characteristics of the Wagyu - conformation, genetic fitness and functional efficiency. Thereafter, selection for specific traits based on heritability and correlations to provide meaningful genetic improvement is considered such as Performance Testing and Estimated Breeding Values to ensure optimal improvement.

In order to establish a good foundation for King Wagyu, a variety of donar bulls were used for the embryo's, which includes Haruki 2, Itomichi 1/2, Itoshigenami T148, Sanjiro, Shigeshigetani and Yasafuku.  The same was for the origin of the dams.  This allows sufficient variation for selection in the new environment.

We have faith that this strategy provides us the competitive edge in the international Wagyu industry.

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